21 July 2014

Whitehaven Welcomes Abolition of Carbon Tax, Calls for Support to Repeal Mining Tax

Whitehaven Coal Limited (ASX Code: WHC) today welcomed the abolition of the carbon tax and said removing the mining tax will provide a further much needed boost to Australia’s coal industry.
Whitehaven’s Chairman Mr Mark Vaile said: “The Federal Government is to be applauded for its perseverance in delivering on a key election promise. In doing so it had to overcome ludicrous opposition from the minor parties which have shown nothing but contempt for the wishes of the vast majority of Australian voters who wanted the carbon tax repealed”.

“The carbon tax has been a monumental failure. It has collected a fraction of the revenue it was predicted to deliver by the previous Labor Government, it imposed an unnecessary burden on Australian businesses, reduced our international competitiveness and drove up the cost of living for every Australian.

“It is to be hoped that this milestone may herald the start of a more mature, responsible and reasonable approach by the minor parties to allow the Government to implement the mandate of the Australian people that they claim to represent,” said Mr Vaile.

“We urge all parties to support the abolition of the mining tax to secure the future of our 655 employees in the Gunnedah Basin and the


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