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Rocglen team reaches 3,000 days injury-free

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Rocglen update

Rehabilitating one of our foundation mines

Rocglen was in operation for over a decade producing a range of high-quality thermal coals at a ROM production rate of up to 1.5Mtpa. ​​

Production ended in June 2019. We have commenced a rehabilitation programme for the mine, which is likely to take roughly 18 months to complete.

Operation Rocglen Mine
Ownership 100% ownership
Commenced operations 2008
Location 28km north of Gunnedah
Type of operation Open cut coal mine
Operating hours N/A
Production approval 1.5 million tonnes run of mine coal per annum
Stage of operation Rehabilitation
Workforce 20
Rocglen Mine
Coal mining at Rocglen started in 2008 and concluded in mid-2019. Since late 2019, work has included decommissioning equipment, demolishing structures and removing materials as part of the transition to rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation works are scheduled to be complete by late 2023, with the following years to include monitoring and maintenance of the area. The former mine will be returned to woodland vegetation that blends into the surrounding Vickery State Forest, as well as some pasture for grazing. Site relinquishment is expected to take at least ten to fifteen years until post rehabilitation monitoring demonstrates the site is safe and stable with established self-sustaining ecosystems that integrate with its surrounds.



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Rocglen Mine

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Rocglen Extension Project approved


Production complete in June 2019


Rehabilitation begins

Future Planning

Mine rehabilitation

We have now commenced the rehabilitation project for the Rocglen Mine, expected to be completed by FY21. The rehabilitation project will return the site to a low maintenance, stable and safe landform that blends in with the surrounding topography and can support a mixture of rehabilitated bushland and grazing pastures consistent with  pre-mining conditions. We are also working on the Closure Plan for the site’s long-term future.

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