A contemporary rehabilitation program

The Sunnyside open-cut mine was operational from 2008 until 2012, when it was placed into care and maintenance. ​​

The mine resumed operations in the second half of 2017 with the aim of mining the remaining coal and fully rehabilitating the site. Coal sales from the mine will effectively fund the full and final rehabilitation of the mine site, providing a contemporary example of a rehabilitation program to the local community.

Operation Sunnyside Mine
Ownership 100% ownership
Commenced operations 2008-2012; recommenced in 2017
Location 15km west of Gunnedah
Type of operation Open cut coal mine
Operating hours 5 days per week
Production approval 0.4 million tonnes run of mine coal per annum
Stage of operation Rehabilitation
Workforce 20


Environmental Management, Monitoring & Compliance


Sunnyside Mine

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Sunnyside Mine Timeline


Mining commences


Mining operations suspended


Mine placed into care and maintenance


Mining re-commenced in the second half of 2017


Extraction and transport of coal to be completed

Future Planning

The final year of mine operations

Mining at Sunnyside is expected to be completed during FY20. Rehabilitation is also occurring progressively, with final shaping of the landform and planting to be undertaken following the conclusion of coal mining. A Closure Mining Operations Plan has been approved to support the mine’s rehabilitation.

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