The health, safety and wellbeing of our people is our first priority and we strive to deliver continuous improvement in our approach and outcomes. Our approach is risk-based, pragmatic and oriented to those areas where we can make a positive impact. Our people should expect to go home safe and healthy after work every day.

The improved outcomes in our leading and lagging safety metrics demonstrate the positive impact our strategic health and safety priorities are having, including the increased focus on identifying and managing hazards. In particular, the decrease in our TRIFR and near miss frequency rate reflects our strong focus on injury management and significant hazard identification.

Health and wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing of our workforce is integral to achieving a safe workplace.

We strive to reduce psychological hazards in our workplace, build a culture of resilience, and equip our people with positive coping strategies to manage their health and wellbeing. One way we are doing this is through ongoing education of our leaders and workforce, emphasising the importance of mental wellness and healthy lifestyle choices.

For further detail on our management and performance in health, safety, and wellbeing, refer to our
 Sustainability Report 2023.

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