The bedrock of our open-cut operations

The Werris Creek open-cut coal mine is located 4km south of the town of Werris Creek in North West NSW. ​​

Werris Creek commenced operations in 2005 and has resources to support production until approximately 2024.

The open-cut mine overlays and intersects the former Werris Creek Colliery, which was a bord-and-pillar underground mine operated by the Preston Coal Company from 1925 to 1963.

The mine produces both thermal and PCI coal with low to medium ash, low sulphur, low phosphorous and medium to high volatility. Coal from Werris Creek is transported directly by rail to the Port of Newcastle, where it is exported to our customers across Asia.

Operation Werris Creek mine
Ownership 100%
Commenced operations 2005
Location 4km south of Werris Creek, 15km north of Quirindi
Type of operation Open cut coal mine
Operating hours 24/7
Production approval 2.5 million tonnes run of mine coal per annum
Stage of operation In operation
Workforce 150
Werris Creek Mine
Rehabilitation at Werris Creek aims to establish an open box gum woodland on the overburden emplacement area, and a safe, stable and non-polluting landform. As at 30 June 2023, 235 hectares have been rehabilitated.

We use standing “stag” trees recycled from the clearing process to provide instant habitat for local birds, bats and marsupials – a tangible benefit for native species. Some stag trees are placed on the ground to provide habitat for a variety of ground-dwelling species including reptiles, insects, marsupials and birds. We also create boulder clusters, providing habitat for local reptiles and crevices for hiding animals. These allow populations of reptiles to establish within the rehabilitation areas.

Coupled with native groundcover and the planting of native canopy seedlings, this approach ensures the open box gum woodland is constantly developing and progressing towards an established and mature ecosystem.



Environmental Management, Monitoring & Compliance

Blast Notification

Next scheduled blast:

1:00 PM on 20th February 2024

*Time is Indicative and could be 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after

Blast number: 004


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Werris Creek Road Closed: NO

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19/02/2024 7:30 AM


Werris Creek Mine

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 1800 WHAVEN (1800 942 836)


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Werris Creek Mine


Mining commences


Whitehaven moves to full ownership


Werris Creek Community Enhancement Fund established


Mining expansion completed


Production capacity increased to 2.5Mtpa

Future Planning

Efficient, low-cost mining

Following the completion of the Werris Creek extension in late 2013, the mine has continued to maintain its position as Whitehaven’s lowest cost producer. As the mine progresses through the second half of its operational life, Whitehaven will begin rehabilitating parts of the mine footprint in accordance with planning approvals.

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