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Capital Management

Capital allocation framework

Since 2022, Whitehaven Coal has adopted a clear capital allocation framework to help maintain balance sheet resilience and deliver shareholder value.

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Dividend information

42c fully franked 2023 final Dividend

Whitehaven announced that it will pay a 2023 Final Dividend of 42 cents per ordinary share fully franked on 15 September 2023.

32c fully franked 2023 Interim Dividend

Whitehaven announced that it will pay a 2023 Interim Dividend of 32 cents per ordinary share fully franked on 10 March 2023.

Key dates

Event Interim Dividend FY2023 Final Dividend FY2023
Ex-dividend date 23 February 2023 31 August 2023
Record Date 24 February 2023 01 September 2023
Payment Date 10 March 2023 15 September 2023
Dividend per share (AUD) 32 cents 42 cents


Dividend history

Dividend date DPS Franking Type
Sep-23 $0.420 100% ordinary
Mar-23 $0.320 100% ordinary
Sep-22 $0.400 100% ordinary
Mar-22 $0.080 0% ordinary
Mar-20 $0.015 0% ordinary
Sep-19 $0.130 50% ordinary
$0.170 0% special
Mar-19 $0.150 0% ordinary
$0.050 0% special
Sep-18 $0.140 0% ordinary
$0.130 0% special
Mar-18 $0.130 0% ordinary
Nov-17 $0.060 0% shareholder distribution – dividend component
$0.140 shareholder distribution – capital return

How to update your dividend information / instructions

To update your shareholder information or dividend instructions please contact Whitehaven’s Share Registrar Computershare, via:

Share buy-back

On 17 February 2022, Whitehaven announced that it would undertake a share buy-back of up to 10% of shares over a twelve month period, which commenced on 7 March 2022. Share buy-back activity has continued.

Announcements in relation to Whitehaven’s share buy-back activities can be found here under ASX Announcements. You can put ‘buy back’ in the Search line to readily find relevant notifications.

With 1,032,644,232 shares on issue at the start of the buy-back program in March 2022, buy-back activity is summarised below:

Initial 10% share buy-back from 7 Mar-2022 to 21 Oct-2022

Shares bought back Capital returned via buy-back
103,264,423 10.0% $587.9m

Share buy-back since 26 Oct-2022

Last updated: 10 July 2023

Shares bought back Capital returned via buy-back
92,779,025 9.0% $723.6m

Buy-back activity is summarised below on a financial year basis,

including capital returned to shareholders via dividends.
Last updated: 1 July 2023

bought back
Capital returned via buy-back Capital returned via dividends Total capital returned
to shareholders
FY2022 76,372,580 $362.6m $79.8m $442.4m
FY2023 119,670,868 $948.9m $638.8m* $1,587.7m

*Includes payments of the FY22 final dividend and the FY23 interim dividend.


The allocation of capital to buying back shares takes into account the Company’s targeted payout ratio of 20-50% of NPAT for dividends and buy-backs combined, to ensure appropriate capital is allocated between buy-backs and dividends.

If there is capital available to buy back shares and the Board considers it value accretive for shareholders, there are a number of additional contributing factors that determine whether the company is active in the market on any day. Our Securities Trading Policy outlines periods when we do not trade Company Securities, including during blackout periods, which are outlined in Clause 15.

Other factors that influence whether the company is active in the market include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Daily volumes are always considered with respect to not moving the market, and shares cannot be bought back if the market price exceeds 5% of the previous 5-day VWAP.
  • Timing of ex-dividend and dividend record dates.

Whitehaven’s Security Trading Policy can be found at

Shares on issue

Whitehaven regularly issues a Cessation of Securities notice to the ASX to cancel shares that the company has bought back via its on market share buy-back program.

You can find the latest shares on issue by going to our ASX announcements page and searching for ‘cessation of securities’. This will bring up the latest notification to the ASX.

As at 10 July 2023, ordinary shares on issue: 836,600,784.

Within the ordinary shares on issues there are 34.02 million WHC shares on issue that are restricted milestone shares. These shares were issued as part of the acquisition of Boardwalk Resources Pty Ltd in 2012. The milestone shares are subject to contractual restrictions on voting and transfer, and currently are not entitled to receive distributions (Restrictions).

Important Information

Material on this page is intended only for general information and Whitehaven Coal makes no warranty as to the accuracy of this information. The material is not intended to be relied on as a substitute for your own research. We do, however, welcome your feedback and suggestions concerning any of the material. Please contact

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