Our process from pit to port

We operate six mines (five open-cut and one large underground mine) in the Gunnedah Coal Basin of NSW and Bowen Basin of QLD, with our sites producing high-quality metallurgical and thermal coal for export to advanced and developing economies across North and South East Asia.

Our high quality coal helps power regional economies through its contribution to energy generation and steel production and is sought-after for its unique properties, including the fact it delivers among the lowest carbon emissions per tonne of coal consumed in the seaborne trade.

Increasingly, countries in our region are looking to high-efficiency, low-emissions (HELE) coal-fired power as a critical component of the energy mix because it does not force them to choose between their economic aspirations and their carbon emissions reduction obligations.


Open cut and underground mining

Our cost-efficient mining delivers a sustainable supply of high-quality thermal and metallurgical coal.

We produce high-quality coal using open-cut mining methods in NSW and QLD, as well as underground mining methods at Narrabri in NSW.


Washing and processing

Washing plants and processing facilities improve the quality of coal and enable the production of higher value coal. Washing reduces ash, increases energy content and improves the market value. Coal is also crushed and screened to precisely meet customers’ size specifications.

We operate washing and processing facilities at Maules Creek, Narrabri, Blackwater, Daunia and Gunnedah.



Transport and logistics

Our coal is transported by train to port before being loaded on vessels that deliver the product to our customers across Asia. The location of our assets, with good access to transport and port infrastructure, enables us to reliably supply the major markets of the Asia Pacific region.


Sales and marketing

Our extensive sales network ensures reliable coal supplies to customers across Asia. Our offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Tokyo ensure we can efficiently manage logistics and sales and maintain close relationships with key customers across the world.

Our customers

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