8 February 2024

Whitehaven Welcomes 2024 Graduates

On Monday, February 5th, Whitehaven Coal proudly welcomed its 2024 cohort of graduates with a comprehensive two-day event in Gunnedah. With 24 graduates joining Whitehaven in a range of disciplines, including engineering, operational technology, geology and environment, the event served as an immersive introduction to the company’s values and operations.

Whitehaven’s Graduate Program is a two-year development program designed to grow and develop the company’s future leaders. Participants gain practical skills and training from both on-the-job learning experiences and formal development sessions as they rotate through a number of Whitehaven’s sites and offices.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new cohort of graduates and provide them with a comprehensive introduction to the values and operations that define Whitehaven Coal,” said Susie Cooper, Whitehaven’s Graduate Lead.

“Our two-day event not only equips our graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed but also instills in them a deep appreciation for the communities and environments in which we operate.”

Day one of the event was dedicated to providing the new graduates with a holistic view of Whitehaven’s history, core values, and key operational facets. Presentations by leaders from a range of areas within the organisation delved into critical topics such as safety protocols, environmental stewardship, cultural heritage preservation, and the financial dynamics of the mining industry.

“Emphasis was placed on Whitehaven’s STRIVE values,” Susie said. “Our STRIVE values underpin every aspect of the company’s operations, and instilling the importance of safety, teamwork, respect, integrity, value and excellence from day one sets the tone for a culture of excellence and responsibility that we strive to uphold at every level of the organisation.”

Day two of the event featured an insightful session on workplace respect, followed by a presentation by the 2023 graduate cohort, who shared their experiences and knowledge gained during their first year at Whitehaven

In addition to the presentations, the event also included a cultural heritage tour led by members of the Gomeroi Aboriginal People, providing the graduates with a firsthand understanding of the importance of land stewardship and cultural preservation.

“The tour underscores Whitehaven’s dedication to sustainable mining practices and its positive impact on local communities, including employment opportunities and investment,” Susie said. “The Grads found this extremely interesting, especially when seeing firsthand the effects of successful land rehabilitation.”

Whitehaven hopes that each of the 2024 Graduates enjoys an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience as they commence their two-year Graduate Program journey.

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