25 January 2017

Whitehaven supports extra services for child and family centre

Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child and Family Centre has been  the  beneficiary of a new $30,000 bus which it will use to provide expanded services throughout Narrabri Shire. The bus has been supplied  by Whitehaven Coal and was presented during a visit to the centre by the company’s senior management and directors.

Pictured at the centre are Whitehaven Coal chief executive and managing director Paul Flynn, directors Ray Zage and  Christine McLoughlin, Winanga-Li centre manager and Aboriginal elder  Wayne Griffiths, Whitehaven directors Julie Beeby  and Tony Haggarty, Whitehaven Aboriginal relations officer  Bob Sutherland and Winanga-Li representative Trent Hilton in front of the new bus.

Aboriginal elder and Winanga-Li centre manager Wayne Griffiths said: “The  bus  that   has  been   kindly  donated by  Whitehaven Coal  brings  a sense  of hope  for the communities  of Narrabri, Wee Waa and Pilliga.

“We can now extend our outreach to these areas and provide access for our service users to dental, health checks, family support, a men’s  group,  hearing services  and  better access  for our families to other  support,” he said.

“These  services  have  a positive  effect on their everyday lives and we are very thankful to Whitehaven Coal for their continued support.”

Whitehaven has a long-standing relationship  and record  of  support for Winanga-Li,  including   buying a  $40,000  mini-bus in  2014  for  the Gunnedah centre to use. It had previously leased  the bus.

Whitehaven’s support of services and opportunities for the local Aboriginal community was recognised last year when the company’s employment strategy at the Maules Creek mine received a top community relations award by the NSW Minerals Council.

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