9 February 2017

New Generation Coal Technology – Why HELE coal-fired power generation is part of Australia’s energy solution

Source: Minerals Council Australia

The Minerals Council has published a new document, New Generation Coal Technology. The publication demonstrates how new High Efficiency Low Emissions power plants deliver secure, affordable energy while lowering CO2 emissions.  It is why these technologies are a central element of many nations’ plans to meet the Paris Climate Change Agreement.  Some 725 units are operating in East Asia with a further 1142 installations under construction or planned.  As the adoption of Carbon Capture and Storage technologies increases, these emissions savings will increase to 90 per cent.

HELE coal generation offers many of advantages and is the only power source to meet all of the following elements for sound energy policy:

  • It is a low cost power source to build and operate at $67-91 MW/h
  • Availability stretches 24 hours a day – everyday
  • We have access to a high quality domestic fuel source without supply concerns
  • It is ‘synchronous’ power not susceptible to supply interruptions and outages
  • As an established grid participant it does not require expensive network upgrades.

These technologies should be part of Australia’s efforts to meet its emissions reduction targets while maintaining affordable and secure energy supply.

To read the document, click below:


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