22 July 2015

Local office a step closer for Whitehaven

Whitehaven Coal has been cementing its position in Gunnedah with a visit by the company’s Board of Directors to the building which will become its local office.

Board and council representatives met at the site of Whitehaven Coal’s new office, the old Crazy Clark’s building in Conadilly Street.

Paul Flynn, Managing Director and CEO, told the Namoi Valley Independent that Whitehaven believed it was important to have a “bricks and mortar presence” in Gunnedah and would consolidate staff from across roles including planning, environmental and technical services to have about 30 people based in the office.

“We will have a physical presence where people can interact with us,” Mr Flynn said.

“People will know where to find us and where to apply for a job or ask a question. We will be more easily accessible to the community.”

He added that Whitehaven has spent $200 million over the last 12 months on over 600 different businesses in the region from Tamworth to Narrabri.

“That is over $200 million excluding wages. “Wages are worth about $100 million on an annual basis across the operations. And 75 per cent of our employment is not fly in-fly out. We employ local people and those people are taken from all walks of life.”

The Gunnedah office is expected to open early in 2016.

For the full story visit the Namoi Valley Independent. Pictured are members of Whitehaven’s board and Gunnedah council representatives outside the site of Whitehaven’s planned new office building.

Picture credit – Namoi Valley Independent


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