7 May 2024

Workmates ask colleagues and community to dig deep to raise funds for sick kids

What started as a bet between workmates has now become a heart-warming community effort to raise funds for sick kids in Central Queensland.

Over the past four years, the team at Blackwater have watched the glorious mullets of Nathan Seabrook and Jyhe Bulfour of SMW Group* grow, and now the pair are putting their mullets on the line to raise funds for the paediatric ward at the Rockhampton Base Hospital.

Nathan and Jyhe have partnered with CQShines Foundation and are set to shave their mullets in aim of raising $30,000 to renovate the family room at the ward and to purchase entertainment items to make the children’s time in hospital more enjoyable.

Nathan has seen first-hand how much the ward, and especially the children, would benefit from this fundraising effort.

“I’ve been up into that paediatrics ward with my kids at times, and let’s just say, it could be a lot better for them,” he said.

Items at the top of the wish list include comfortable chairs and seating, iPads, and a gaming station for the family room, as well as a coffee machine for parents and carers allowing them to spend more time with their loved ones, rather than having to go downstairs to the café.

Some children of the paediatric ward endure days, weeks and even months of treatment, and Nathan and Jhye hope that this fundraiser can create a happier atmosphere for families during their stay.

“That’s why I chose it, just to try and put a smile on their faces and make their stay in hospital a bit more comfortable,” Nathan said.

“There’s not really much for the kids to do while they’re crook, so even if it’s something like iPads to make it a little more comfortable and entertaining while they’re there. Give them a little bit of happiness throughout the day, pretty much,” he added.

Nathan and Jhye are calling on their colleagues and the local community to dig deep for the kids and are set for their mullet makeovers on June 5.

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At Whitehaven, we’re committed to supporting important community causes and we encourage our people to continue these practices outside of work. Each year we contribute to initiatives across a range of diverse areas, including health, education, sport and nature conservation. For more information about our approach, check out our 2023 Sustainability Report.

* Contractors from SMW Group have a significant presence at our Blackwater Mine, supplying cleaning crews, shutdown teams, drillers, fitters, trainer assessors and more to the site.

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