17 May 2024

Whitehaven supports Aboriginal Community Health

As part of its commitment to empowering local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Whitehaven is pleased to support Tamworth Aboriginal Medical Service-Aboriginal Corporation (TAMS-AC) with a donation of $5,000 to the TAMS Women’s Group.

As a leading healthcare provider in the Tamworth region for almost 30 years, TAMS-AC is known for its comprehensive and culturally sensitive services. It plays a vital role in the local community, helping to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, with a focus on prevention.

Whitehaven’s donation will contribute to greater mental health awareness, resilience, and overall wellbeing among Aboriginal women in the Tamworth and Gunnedah regions. It will also enhance TAMS-AC’s efforts to assist community members in managing stress and other emotional struggles through a range of activities, including arts and crafts, group trips, yarning sessions and more.

Whitehaven’s Aboriginal Community Relations team recently met with TAMS-AC executives, including CEO Damion Brown, Aboriginal Health Practitioner Katrina Millgate, and Aged Care Support Coordinator Eunice Kennedy, to mark the beginning of this important collaboration.

Damion Brown, CEO of TAMS-AC, welcomed Whitehaven’s involvement.

“We are pleased that Whitehaven Coal has been able to contribute to a program that is making a significant difference in the lives of our Aboriginal women in the region.”

Eunice Kennedy, Aged Care Support Coordinator, added that the TAMS Women’s Group looks forward to continuing the positive impact it has had in the community.

“Our members have created meaningful friendships, sharing stories and even swapping contact numbers to call for a yarn, catch up for coffee, and just in general look after each other.

“These gatherings allow participants to monitor their social and emotional wellbeing with opportunities for crucial health screenings like blood pressure and diabetes checks.”

Whitehaven’s Manager Aboriginal Community Relations, Bob Sutherland, reinforced the importance of the initiative.

“The TAMS Women’s Group is a fantastic initiative that provides our mothers, aunties, and nans the opportunity to create a supportive environment and also have check-ins on their health.

“Whitehaven’s contribution to the group aligns with our focus on providing support to First Nations people in areas we can make a substantial and sustainable difference to create a stronger future together.”

In FY23, Whitehaven donated about $183,000 to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations through partnerships across education and training, healthcare, sport and other important community causes.

Whitehaven’s commitment to supporting Indigenous community members, businesses and services is formalised through the company’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which includes ambitious but realistic targets that the company continues to make steady progress towards.

For more information, please refer to Whitehaven’s Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan.



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