16 May 2024

Whitehaven partners with Royal Far West

Whitehaven is proud to have partnered with Royal Far West (RFW) in an initiative to provide scholarships to bridge the healthcare gap for children in rural and remote communities.

Established in 1924, RFW has been a cornerstone in providing essential multi-disciplinary health and disability services to country children and their families, focusing primarily on developmental health issues. With services offered in Manly, via telecare, and through community outreach, RFW has been relentless in its pursuit to ensure that no child is left behind due to geographical barriers.

“We are extremely grateful to companies like Whitehaven for their support. The contribution from organisations like these enables us to continue supporting country children’s health and wellbeing,” Kamila Chylewski, Royal Far West’s Corporate Partnerships Manager, said.

“Five children will benefit from Whitehaven’s $25,000 contribution providing scholarships to address immediate health needs and ensure long-term support for the children and their families.”

The scholarships provided are comprehensive, covering up to two weeks of accommodation and meals at Royal Far West Lodge. This allows the children, along with their parents and siblings, to access the Centre for Country Kids in Manly. The scholarship encompasses a wide range of services, including access to child psychiatrists, developmental paediatricians, social workers, speech pathologists, clinical psychologists, dieticians, and occupational therapists.

Whitehaven Coal General Manager Community Engagement, Darren Swain, said the company is thrilled to be playing a role in supporting Royal Far West. “Our dedication is to the holistic development of local communities, focusing on critical areas such as health and education. This partnership underscores the importance of sustainable, community-focused support for our future generations.”

“Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our children is paramount, and we hope that our support of Royal Far West will enable them to continue offering vital medical services to those most in need.”

RFW’s approach is culturally sensitive and community-focused, aiming to fill the gaps in the healthcare system for the most vulnerable families and communities. By providing multidisciplinary health, education, and disability services for children up to the age of twelve, RFW ensures that rural and remote children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“We have over 150 paediatric clinicians, including psychiatrists, paediatricians, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and other allied health professionals,” Kamila said. “It is a pure testament to the comprehensive wrap-around care Royal Far West provides.”

By supporting the needs of country children and advocating for equitable access to services, RFW and Whitehaven are striving to make a difference to the lives of children and families in rural and remote areas.

For more information on Whitehaven’s commitment to community health and wellbeing, refer to our 2023 Community Investment Report.



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