14 March 2024

Wade Ryan to fight Takeshi Inoue in World Title journey

Whitehaven Underground Operator and professional boxer, Wade Ryan, will be stepping onto the international stage when he goes head-to-head with Japanese boxer Takeshi Inoue in Tokyo next week. The 12-round fight will take place at Korakuen Hall for the WBO Asia Pacific Super Welter and Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation Super Welter titles.

Having worked for Whitehaven’s Narrabri Underground mine for the past thirteen years, Wade turned professional in mid-2012 amidst unwavering support from his colleagues at Narrabri and across Whitehaven.

“Everyone supports me onsite and on crew,” Wade said. “Whitehaven has been incredibly supportive with financial contributions and flexible working hours, which is crucial leading up to fights where I need to balance training with my job.”

The fight in Japan next week provides Wade the opportunity to climb to the world #2 spot with the International Boxing Federation (IBF). If he’s able to achieve this, it will open the door to challenge the world #1.

Facing a formidable opponent like Inoue in his home country of Japan adds an extra layer of challenge, however Wade remains undeterred, focusing on the excitement of the upcoming fight rather than the pressure it entails.

“The crowd will be there for him, but it’s still really exciting for my team and that’s what we’re preparing for.”

“The opportunity to represent Australia in a World title fight is an honour. It’s an opportunity to showcase Australian talent on a global platform which I’m proud about.

“This fight has left me mentally with a lot more on my mind. I’m working on staying relaxed and controlled and trying not to think about it too much. Sticking with the game plan is important right now.”

Wade’s journey is not a solitary one, and he acknowledges the immense support he receives from local businesses and communities in north west NSW, which has bolstered his career.

“Sponsorships and contributions have eased the financial strain of preparing for fights, particularly the extensive travel required for training in Sydney, which leading into major fights is where my sparring occurs.”

Wade said the support goes beyond financial, with the local communities providing immense emotional support and encouragement.

“Walking around the town and local Woollies I’ll regularly have someone come up to me and wish me luck and make sure I know that they’re part of my team. That I’m doing this for regional NSW too.”

Wade fell in love with boxing at the age of twelve when he tagged along with his older brother who’d started boxing at the local PCYC in Gunnedah. One visit turned into another, and this is where he met his current coach, Spike Syphers who would go on to set up the Black n Blue gym in Gunnedah where he now trains.

The Black n Blue gym isn’t your everyday gym. Black n Blue does not charge fees for its classes or the use of facilities, instead it relies on the support of the local community and companies like Whitehaven to assist with funding.

Wade is a big part of Black n Blue. “It’s a good place to work together and help everyone out – people get to see that they get out of it what they put in.”

Looking to the future, Wade’s goals are clear. “The goal is to be world champion. Legacy-wise, I’d like to be remembered as someone who came with nothing and through dedication, commitment, hard work, and putting my mind to it, succeeded.”

His advice to aspiring boxers echoes his own journey: “Stay consistent, set goals, celebrate milestones, and most importantly… enjoy!”

The team at Whitehaven is proud to extend our very best wishes to Wade for the fight in Tokyo on Monday. We’re all cheering for you!

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