12 December 2022

Staff spotlight: Albert Nolan

We recently spoke to Albert Nolan, who is an underground operator at our Narrabri Mine, as well as a professional boxer. Read more about his experience below.

What do you do at the Narrabri Mine? 

I completed my two-year traineeship with Bolt Up Mining, gaining a CERT-III in underground mining. I moved to Whitehaven eight months ago as a full time permanent underground operator. 

Day to day activities include operating buses, loaders and operating the continuous miner. 

When did you start boxing and why? 

I started boxing when I was 14, at Binnaway boxing gym. My family have always had a passion for boxing and that’s flowed through to my brothers and I. I boxed as an amateur and won a couple of NSW and Australian titles so it was a natural progression into the professional ranks for me. 

Where do you currently train? 

I train regularly at the Black and Blue Gym in Gunnedah. I’m trained by Spike Syphers, who organises our training and fight schedule. We all get along and Spike is a positive influence on the gym members. It’s a great place to train and learn more from more seasoned boxers like Wade Ryan. 

When did you turn professional and what is your boxing record?  

I turned pro in 2018. I currently have four wins and one draw. 

You recently fought for the Australian title (super featherweight 58.9kg), who did you fight and how did you go? 

I competed against Daniel Carr who I’ve previously had a bout with and won against by a unanimous decision. This time we had a seesawing affair and it went for the full ten rounds, ending in a draw. Boxing commentator Barry Michael mentioned it was fight of the year contender which I am very proud of but a win would have been great.  

What is next for you in your boxing career? 

I’m looking at possibly going down a weight class to compete at feather weight 57kg, which is more suitable than where I’m currently at. 

Who is your favourite boxer? 

Sugar Ray Robinson. Fast, skillful and fought anyone. 

How do you balance work and boxing training commitments? 

Wade Ryan is a big influence and gives me guidance on how to manage the load. He’s been in boxing a long time and is also a team mate at Narrabri underground. He has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to balance these commitments. 

What has been your proudest achievement in boxing? 

Making my pro debut in front of my family – I come from a large Aboriginal family from the Gomeroi and Wiradjuri country in the Central West/North West NSW area and they all turned up to my fight en masse. Being named Australian amateur champion in 2017 was also a great achievement. 

What do you do in your downtime? 

I’ve recently purchased a property I’m doing some work on and looking for a second house. The usual things blokes from the bush do – camping, fishing, pigging and spending time with my family. 

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