9 September 2015

Safehaven video – Come Home Safe

Whitehaven Coal is committed to our people coming home safe and healthy at the end of each day.

We work in an industry that can pose serious risks to safety and health.  So over the last few years we have been focussing on programmes to reduce these risks.  These programmes have included the introduction of our seven Safehaven Rules, which relate to the most common and serious risks in our workplaces, and delivering training on safety leadership and how we make sure safety is included in our everyday decisions.

Since the Seven Safehaven Rules were introduced two years ago, the rate of recordable injuries at Whitehaven have reduced by half.

We are now at a stage where our workforce understand what the rules are, so to continue reinforce what they are about and to introduce them to new members of our workforce, we have developed a Safehaven video – starring some of our workers and their families.

The Safehaven video uses the theme of ‘Would you put your child in this situation?’ We want our workers to think about the controls they put in place to keep themselves and their workmates safe. If the controls are not good enough to protect their own child, why would they put themselves or their workmates in the situation?

Copies of the video are being sent to our employees with the hope that they share the video with their family and use it to talk about what they do at Whitehaven. We want them to go home safe at the end of each day.

Thank you to everyone involved in the production of the video. Production: Engine Room Productions.


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