14 May 2018

Record mining jobs for Gunnedah region

There are more coal mining jobs in the Gunnedah region than ever before according to new figures released.

 The most recent figures from Coal Services Pty Ltd show that at February 2018 there was a record number of 2,420 people working in the Gunnedah region’s coal mines.

The new figures show encouraging growth in the local mining industry.  In February 2018 there 136 more people with coal mining jobs than in December 2017 and 2,000 more people in local mining jobs than in February 2010.

“This is great for the Gunnedah region as more local jobs means more money injected into the local economy,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

“The steady increase in the number of people employed by the local mining industry over the last eight years has helped to strengthen and diversify the local economy.”

“And it’s not just local miners and their families that benefit.  The local mining industry supports many local businesses who are able to employ thousands more people in the area.”

“Our recent 2016/17 Expenditure Survey found that our member companies spent $106.3 million in the Gunnedah Local Government Area (LGA) alone, including $46.1 million in purchases with 164 local businesses,” Mr Galilee said.

“These record coal mining jobs figures for Gunnedah show how the region continues to benefit from mining for jobs, investment and economic growth. Ensuring the right policy settings for mining will deliver more jobs and opportunity for the Gunnedah region into the future,” he said.

Whitehaven Coal Managing Director and CEO, Paul Flynn said: “As the single largest private sector employer in North West NSW, Whitehaven is proud of its contribution to generating jobs from Tamworth through to Werris Creek, Gunnedah, Boggabri and Narrabri.

“Looking forward to the next decade, we’re committed to do more. This means adding to our existing local workforce of more than 1,500 men and women, 75 per cent of whom already live locally.

“It means more training opportunities and employing a diverse workforce through our Aboriginal employment program, our apprenticeship program, and providing mentoring opportunities for women in the mining industry. Most importantly, it means ensuring incomes flow into the pockets of local families and businesses.

“At Whitehaven we understand the important role each of our mines play supporting local jobs, investment and prosperity”.

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