29 May 2015

Creating a stronger future together

Whitehaven has produced a new corporate profile document to highlight how the company is working to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

As part of our vision to be Australia’s leading independent coal company, the company is growing its local community-based workforce from 600 to over 1,100 people within the next five years. We take great pride that Whitehaven started in the Gunnedah Basin and we are focused on employing a local workforce wherever possible, with over 70 per cent of our workforce now living permanently in the local area. Through this commitment we see huge opportunities to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people including by offering training and stable, long-term employment.

Whitehaven’s Maules Creek workforce will comprise at least 10 per cent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, reflecting the local population as a whole. This voluntary goal highlights our view that employment is an essential part of improving social and economic outcomes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. This will mean that once Maules Creek becomes fully operational in the next 5 years, 45 to 50 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will be working on site.

During early recruitment at Maules Creek we are already exceeding our voluntary target, with 15.5 per cent of the Maules Creek workforce being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.

The new document profiles new members of our workforce and a number of other initiatives we are carrying out as small but important steps on a journey towards the creation of shared values. We look forward to continuing to work towards this goal with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

To view the document click below. For a printed copy, please contact mpitman [at]

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